Hair Scrunchies: A holistic zero waste approach and a social mission.

Color: Magnolia

We took a holistic approach to address the problem of unsustainable resource flows along with our idea of helping women becoming “a real gem” and unveiling their real worth beyond a stereotype.

However, due to the public health situation, we are giving away these profits to the "World Health Organization" COVID-19 fund response.

Moments like this call for solidarity and every business should adjust to the situations , in case they can.  We are more than grateful to spread the light and hope today.


In case you want to know more about  what we normally do in Akalia, please read below:

We are turning excess fabrics from the supply chain into hair scrunchies. And finally, donating these profits to a non profit organization in Venezuela (Margarita Island) P.A.M.E.L.A targeting girls and women education.

We believe the only way to social and economical women empowerment is through education.

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